Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A Few Quick Updates - First off, Halloween...

LOL - I know that it's late, but HAPPY HALLOWEEN EVERYONE!  This year I wanted to do something simple, something scary - something that wouldn't get body paint all over my desk (and my car, and my house, and everywhere else).  So, online I found this lovely picture with a woman that had a zipper on her face - and I thought to myself "I can do that!" - so I did.
 Kadoodle and her friends were all wanting to be zombies this year - so, with the help of some Liquid Latex and tissue (and costume blood) I turned her into one.  This costume was also not very difficult - we basically took an old pair of jeans and an old shirt and cut it all up.  Did the makeup on her face with the Latex and tissue and blood, teased her hair a little bit.  I did also recommend that she go outside and rub dirt on her jeans and shirt
  - but I think that a little more would have looked better - and finally, I told her to pretend that she was getting up really early to go to school.  Viola! There you have a zombie!
 D-man wanted to do the same zipper face thing as myself.  His makeup was a little bit easier to do since I wasn't working on myself.  Not to mention he wanted the skin to be a little bit more "flappy" around the edges than what I had done on myself earlier in the day.   I can say that the makeup held up really well through the day on me, and with him through the night it was no different.

 Overall I would say that the hardest part of doing the full costume makeup this way was the removal of the Latex.  (Especially if you have been wearing it the entire day).  The most fun that we had with the makeup was the different families and people that stopped us to take a closer look at our creations.  Several times through the night people would get up close to inspect the gruesomeness.

  Here's a quick closeup on Kadoodle's makup -done with Vampire blood, some gray and base that was really light, liquid latex, and tissue.
 D-Man's Makeup was vampire blood, a zipper, Liquid latex and tissue.  We added base to the tissue to give it a fleshy look.

 If you are ever interested in doing this, but aren't sure if you can pull it off - there is a great tutorial on YouTube

We hope you all had a great time scaring others this Halloween!