Wednesday, May 22, 2013

So - Stinkin' - Close

To being done!  Do you all realize that the reason I am never here is not just because I am constantly at work, but because I am also going 100MPH with School, Soccer, and other activities.  I am toast, Ya'll, TOAST.  

Anyway, I got a new camera - my D7000.  I saved and saved and saved for almost 2.5 years to get this camera - and it finally is mine.  However, it does come with quite the learning curve.  I have had a heck of a time getting things to look right on this camera.  Everything seems to be fuzzy.  Everything seems to not turn out right.  

When I first got the camera, I had a slight accident with it.  I was at Mesa Verde when it slipped it's strap and fell - crashing - to the ground.  My 18-55mm lens was toast.  I continued to shoot with my 55-200mm but was disappointed -feeling like the pictures were just too blurry.  

I was so discouraged, that I didn't even attempt to pull them off of the SD Card that was on the camera.  Instead - I just left them there.  BUT - today I decided that I needed to clean off my card and see just what kind of cruddy photographs I had taken.  

And really?  They weren't very cruddy at all. In fact - most of them have turned out to be really nice.  

So, once again - maybe it's just me and not the camera?  I need lessons.  Anyone want to help out with that?