Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taran-Tella - At the Davis County Fair

For those of you that know, and those of you that do not - we went to the DCF this weekend.  Out first stop was at the K-12 booth - We LOVE K-12, and we knew that they would be at the fair and I signed up and let them know that I would be stopping by.  Little did I know that their booth was in the Creature Encounters booth as well...

Ah - Creature encounters - Did you all know that I have a fear of spiders?  Not the typical fear - but a real big fear of them.  So, as we are going through the booth I can see that there are "Trained individuals" who are showing off these (Very Scary) things.
 Like - snakes... and spiders ... and Spiders... and SPIDERS.  oh, and there were scorpions too - but I really couldn't focus on anything other than the spider.  NOW - I being the adult am watching the kids around these things - They are walking by the snakes - and I do the adult thing - I encourage them to touch.  "See - it doesn't feel so bad- just try it".

 And yet - as we are going along we get to the spider - the Tarantella - And Aspen says that she is not going to do it.  I know what needs to be done but I am terrified - I say. "I'll do it if you do it."  And naturally, they can't believe it.  So - I talk to the handler who explains that I won't even be able to feel "Her" - I put my hands under his and stare right at him and before I know it he's taking my picture.  (And I am holding a giant spider).  I didn't look down - it was creepy!  But I made it through!

So, then all of the kids had to try it too - now, they were much more brave than myself - letting the handlers put them on their head and such.  It was super crazy! I mean, seriously - crazy.

Now, don't think that just because I let this guy drop a giant (fuzzy) arachnid into the palms of my hands that I am suddenly going to start adoring the house spider - I am not - they will still die! (And probably in a violent manner with my vacuum attachment) - But, I can at least mark this one thing off of my "bucket list" - Though, not that it was ever really ON my bucket list, but I'll put it on there as a bonus item, right? - Everyone likes a bonus item!
Fear not - there will be more pictures forthcoming - we actually did do other things at the Fair too - this one just happened to be a "highlight" - especially considering the subject matter. It was also the very first place that we stopped - so there was all kinds of excitement.

And don't forget - the Utah State Fair  is coming up in September - from the 5th to the 15th - and it's going to also be super exciting - I don't know if "Creature Encounters" will be there - but if they are, I might just touch a scorpion or something - I am hip! I am with "it"! I could do it?  But I don't think that I could let them put a fuzzy spider on my head - still not to that level just yet.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

YW Girls Camp 2013 - Standing in Holy Places

Another year of Girls Camp preparations have come and gone - some of our successes are found on my "Pinterest" link above - and others, well, they were all successful - but I didn't take pictures of EVERYTHING so we will have to save it until I get a moment that I can put it together for ya'll.

SOCKS - Striving to Obtain the Celestial Kingdom Spiritually - and the 5 things to remember ?? PSSST! Prayer, Scripture, Sacrament, Service, Temples - Totally Awesome.

This year we went to Heber Valley - and our camp was Sariah - It was really lovely - but I was disappointed that they allowed vehicles to stay in the area of the camp.  When we go to Piuta, there are no vehicles near the cabins which allows for a different feeling altogether - so, I was a little surprised by that - but it didn't detract too much from anything.  Just a nuisance.  Also, the camp missionaries - yeah - strict!  When they say that the fire is out at 10, and lights out are at 11, well- honey - they are NOT kidding.  They will stay there until you put it out - they don't just come and let you know and leave - nope - they hang out until the deed is done.

So, We did crafts - went on hikes - did the challenge courses - and dodged the rain a few times.  I have added below just a few of our adventures - like on day 1 - when I went on a lovely fun filled hike with the first years - and we got lost.  BUT, we found the 2nd years - who were even more lost than we were.  That was fun. :)  (That was also inspired - I mean, seriously?  We took a wrong turn and found a group of our girls that were lost?  How does that happen?  BUT, in places such as this I know that the Lord is looking out for all of his young ladies.)
 And we saw some beautiful sites in our "Lostdom" - though I feel like our fearless Stake leaders were really concerned that we were lost - so there was not a lot of time to stop and "smell the aspen trees" if you know what I mean.  But I did learn a few things about Aspen trees that I did not know before.  The powdery white stuff on their bark makes for a fantastic Deodorant, bug "spray", and sunscreen.  So you just rub in on your arms and pat it on your body (Test it first to be sure that you do not have an allergy) and viola!  You have a triple action piece of awesomeness.  They told us a lot more about it - how the bark was used to chew on because it was sweet and things like that - but personally, I wasn't going to try that part out.  The Indians already did that part for me - no need to test it again, right?

 Kadoodle and Aliyah on day 1 of camp - I am not quite sure what they were doing, but I got a picture of them anyway - because it's fun.  We did do shots on day 1 and then again on the day that we were leaving - But, I didn't put them all up here - because there are a ton of those.  One of my favorites was the one with the girls together though - would you choose the "Y" or the "U" ?? Slight "in cabin" rivalry going on through the week - but it was all in good fun.

 I want you all to know that there were a LOT more pictures - I have something like 1K+ - but I did not post them all here - just some highlights - like Day 1 - that was a highlight - getting to camp. So much fun. :)

 Kadoodle and I also did the swing on the challenge course - she was not NEARLY as scared to do this as I was - but I finally let go with one hand so that Nat-a-tat could get a picture of my mug.  I didn't go with the girls to many of the other challenge courses (there were something like 6 of them total).  The idea was to let the girls go on the courses by themselves so that they would feel the spirit and learn to do things on their own without the help of the leaders - so while they were away is when Nat and I did the swing - good thing no one was there to watch the scariness of it all.
 And there is Kadoodle!  See how free and easy going she is?  Amazing!  I could never be that way - so I am glad that she doesn't have a fear of heights or anything like that.  I need to put the videos up on YouTube - Nat didn't record the entire video like I was hoping, but it is enough to prove that all of the girls did it - even DeeAnn. :)  I don't have a video of me - that's before we got really creative with it all.

And - finally - one of my favorite pictures.  One of the girls leaders told them that if they cleaned their teeth with charcoal that their teeth would feel as clean as they do when they leave the dentist.  All of the girls tried this out - and though it may have worked, I still say that it looks to me like the girls got pranked by a leader that didn't even hang around to see the fruits of her labors! :)  I can't believe that they did that!  It was pretty funny to see them all with black gums until they got a good swish in. :)

There were some really spiritual moments at camp this year - I was slightly disappointed that our testimony meeting turned into the "Grateful for this and Grateful for that" meeting - those are not testimonies.  And Kadoodle did make the comment about "Why is it that our ward is the smallest, but we take the longest time at testimony meeting?" - I agree - I really dislike the story telling in TMeeting.  At FHE we had a great lesson about listening to the spirit that Nat-a-tat did for the girls.  I was impressed to see that Kadoodle was one of the first to get the point and make it back to the inner circle  (makes a mamma proud personally).

Camp is always full of fun and adventures - I won't write it all here but I am going to say that we had a great time like we always do - I was surprised that no one died, no - really.  With my work schedule I didn't feel like I had much time to get things together and plan out anything at all - yet, somehow it always comes together - and it did again this time around.  Thank goodness the Lord looks out for me.  Thank goodness Girls Camp was done at exactly the right time in my life - I needed it so badly this year.  Until Next Year - check out the Pinterest stuff we did!