Sunday, August 18, 2013

Taran-Tella - At the Davis County Fair

For those of you that know, and those of you that do not - we went to the DCF this weekend.  Out first stop was at the K-12 booth - We LOVE K-12, and we knew that they would be at the fair and I signed up and let them know that I would be stopping by.  Little did I know that their booth was in the Creature Encounters booth as well...

Ah - Creature encounters - Did you all know that I have a fear of spiders?  Not the typical fear - but a real big fear of them.  So, as we are going through the booth I can see that there are "Trained individuals" who are showing off these (Very Scary) things.
 Like - snakes... and spiders ... and Spiders... and SPIDERS.  oh, and there were scorpions too - but I really couldn't focus on anything other than the spider.  NOW - I being the adult am watching the kids around these things - They are walking by the snakes - and I do the adult thing - I encourage them to touch.  "See - it doesn't feel so bad- just try it".

 And yet - as we are going along we get to the spider - the Tarantella - And Aspen says that she is not going to do it.  I know what needs to be done but I am terrified - I say. "I'll do it if you do it."  And naturally, they can't believe it.  So - I talk to the handler who explains that I won't even be able to feel "Her" - I put my hands under his and stare right at him and before I know it he's taking my picture.  (And I am holding a giant spider).  I didn't look down - it was creepy!  But I made it through!

So, then all of the kids had to try it too - now, they were much more brave than myself - letting the handlers put them on their head and such.  It was super crazy! I mean, seriously - crazy.

Now, don't think that just because I let this guy drop a giant (fuzzy) arachnid into the palms of my hands that I am suddenly going to start adoring the house spider - I am not - they will still die! (And probably in a violent manner with my vacuum attachment) - But, I can at least mark this one thing off of my "bucket list" - Though, not that it was ever really ON my bucket list, but I'll put it on there as a bonus item, right? - Everyone likes a bonus item!
Fear not - there will be more pictures forthcoming - we actually did do other things at the Fair too - this one just happened to be a "highlight" - especially considering the subject matter. It was also the very first place that we stopped - so there was all kinds of excitement.

And don't forget - the Utah State Fair  is coming up in September - from the 5th to the 15th - and it's going to also be super exciting - I don't know if "Creature Encounters" will be there - but if they are, I might just touch a scorpion or something - I am hip! I am with "it"! I could do it?  But I don't think that I could let them put a fuzzy spider on my head - still not to that level just yet.

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