Thursday, December 26, 2013

I resolve - 2014 Here I come!

I did - in fact - see this on Pinterest - So I decided that I was going to retype it, and turn it into a monthly thing instead of a yearly goal resolution thing.  Let me explain how I see Goals for a little bit:

My dad used to tell me that Goals were like "Mile Markers" - that if I wanted to get to New York I had a very, very long way to go.  As I made my way Towards New York, the only way that I would really know if I had made it anywhere would be to look back and see how many miles I had come from.  The journey would be tedious - there would be days when I would go 4 or 5 miles, and others when I might only make it a few feet towards my goal of getting there.  However, when I was feeling discouraged, those mile markers would tell me whether or not I had come as far as I was thinking.  More often than not, I would look at the markers and realize that I had gone much further than I had anticipated - so, Goal Setting is a good thing to keep you on track, and help you to  not feel discouraged.  Mini goals give you the necessary feedback to inspire you to press forward even when you don't feel like you can go any further.  Mini goals are the key to accomplishing your dreams.

This is why people set goals with Weight-Loss (And I should know because I have had a very hard time losing weight).  But, if we never saw any success - any progress towards the final destination, then we would just give up.

I made New Year's resolutions last year - but this year I am trying a different approach entirely.  I am going to break them down to monthly resolutions - I am going to fill out this sheet each month and I am going to really work my hardest towards the goals that I set up for myself for each month.

Now you should notice that on this sheet I did not put anything in regards to weight loss / or management of weight - nor did I have anything down about money - saving money - etc.  This is not that those goals are not present - but those goals are really more of a lifestyle change than anything else.  These goals are attainable in a shorter period of time an by doing these things more often then I should hope to find myself in a better situation by December of 2014 - just because I would have changed who I am.