Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The Key is in Hand

There it is!  THE KEY!  
Bum Deal - I got the key this afternoon and then 30 minutes later I had to be on a plane to Seattle.

SO - Beta 4 made it into the house - and that was about all before I had to vacate the premise and head to the Airport.  The Misses will have to move everything on his own (with the help of the kids and some relatives and the Ex) But, that is practically on his own, right?  

The only really awesome part?  Well, I think that the Lord is looking out for our marriage, because I know that I would be there nagging him the entire time - and he knows that I would be nagging him the entire time - so the Lord said "Hmmm, I think that you are not going to get the key until just before you have to leave" , and though that was a bum deal - it (I am sure) will save us in the long run. 

Til' next time!

Alas! We are Moving!

So - isn't this an interesting turn of events.  Today was AWESOME!  Why  ?? Because Rick and I finally bought our first home together!
OK - I know - I truly wanted to give the secret away on the last post that I made, but I also didn't want to get my hopes up and then have them dashed at the last minute.  So, naturally, I waited.  First - I had decided that I would wait until the inspection was completed.  Then, I figured that I better wait until the appraisal was completed.  However, I finally settled on not getting excited until I had signed the paperwork for the property.  Today - we did that - so now I get to let everyone know! 

A few things about the home - mainly the reason that we decided on this particular property  - It was the first one that we walked thorough that I didn't want to knock out a wall to make it different or better in any way (we were pretty certain that was a sign).  But this particular home is also large enough for all of the kids, and It had enough bathrooms that I wouldn't have to share.  (I did not want to have to deal with sharing with teenagers around the home).  So, we don't have to now.  And it is in a fabulous neighborhood.

We were financed by Ran Life - Tim Barnes - and he was FABULOUS!  I highly recommend that everyone use him.  (no, really - it was awesome).  

And then the sad part - so, we closed today - but then I leave tomorrow for a week.  BUT - that is the only sad part - because while I am away, the misses is going to move stuff and paint (which is fabulous because I won't even have to do that part) and by the time I come back it will be mostly done. SEE - how exciting. :)

Anyway - I am sure that there will be updates as we continue on - but I wanted to share the glad news. :)
You are all AWESOME - thank you for helping me achieve one of my new year's resolutions. 

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Delightfully Delicious Dump Cake

Recently the Misses and I have decided that we needed to go on a financial diet - and with that it means that we also need to eat at home more often.  Why in the world would I want to do something like that though when there are so many tasty restaurants out THERE, in the big world, just waiting for me to come and be a patron in their delicious feeding location?  Fine eating establishments that would be much happier doing the dishes for me, than I would be doing dishes at home.  They can mess up their kitchen (And I will be happy helping them make that mess) Instead of having the mess in my own castle.

Unfortunately, there are larger goals in the works.  We have big dreams and plans, and with those dreams and plans comes fiscal responsibility - (Thus the financial diet).  Then we also have to be aware that the word "Diet" incites all kinds of delicious things running through my head that I shouldn't have.  When the dust settles, all I can think about is dessert.

So, tonight I was looking for something easy - something Tasty - something Dessert-like.  And I found this Recipe for Peach Dump Cake -

I have only made ONE "Dump cake" in my entire life.  And it was pretty good.  I could have made it again, but I was just not feeling up to the pineapple and angle food that I had previously made.  So, tonight I found this recipe instead.


And it was super easy, fast, and only required three ingredients - Cake Mix, Peaches, and Butter.  SO - STINKIN' GOOD!

Anyway, I hope you all enjoy the tasty, super easy recipe.

Until Next time!

Friday, February 7, 2014

Wait for it. WAIT FOR Iiiiiit!

EEEEEP!  I am so excited - but I can't fully say why because I totally do not want to Jinx myself - BUT, I am so freakin' excited!

I'll give you a hint - or two - or three.

First one - I can paint it whatever color I want

Second one - "What's that sound or lack thereof?  It's the sound of silence."

Third one - Most people do this 5 different times in their lives.

OK - OK!! There will be more to come - I don't want to just put everything out there only to be Jinxed! (I mean, look what happened to the Broncos)