Friday, February 7, 2014

Wait for it. WAIT FOR Iiiiiit!

EEEEEP!  I am so excited - but I can't fully say why because I totally do not want to Jinx myself - BUT, I am so freakin' excited!

I'll give you a hint - or two - or three.

First one - I can paint it whatever color I want

Second one - "What's that sound or lack thereof?  It's the sound of silence."

Third one - Most people do this 5 different times in their lives.

OK - OK!! There will be more to come - I don't want to just put everything out there only to be Jinxed! (I mean, look what happened to the Broncos)

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Aonika Russell said...

PS - I left this in drafts even longer because of the fear of the Jinx. Just gonna throw that out there. :)