Saturday, July 12, 2014

Girls Camp 2014

Well, here we are - new home - new Ward.  AND LO' - the angels did speak and proclaim that I would be the girls camp director once again. (And the heavens did rejoice at the awesomeness)

SO - I perused the internet and found a theme for camp - Frozen. I know that you are all singing in your heads RIGHT NOW - "Let it go! Let it GO!!" but, refrain for a moment.  I really could not have done this so quickly if A.) I had not been called to this previously and B.) if the ladies at Let's Get Together and Sugardoodle did not have such fabulous ideas already planned out.  Really - they are AMAZING.

So - today's blob will show just a few things that I did do differently outside of their planning:

1) Lanyards - I did these last year and they are SO AWESOME.  The only difference is last year my partner in crime is the one who sewed them.  This year - I was the one that made the Lanyards.

So, I found the instructions from the Lovely Ladies at Jo-Ann Fabrics on YouTube - turns out, these little babies were so easy to make - BUT, they are very time consuming.  All that dang ironing...

You can find the video tutorial right By clicking on this wonderful link that I am providing to you - Right Here

And Here is the finished product - 36 Lanyards made with awesome snowflake material to go with our theme.  By the way - the lady at JoAnn's thought that I could get 36 of these out of 2 yards of fabric.  Not so.  3 Yards will yield 36 of these babies... Just making sure that you are all aware in case someone does not know how to do math in the store that you visit...

I also like to do pillow treats.  I saw this one a few years ago on another site - however, I can't find the link (otherwise, I would link it back here).  Anyway, same concept, a pair of sunglasses with a tag that says "Look for the Good in others & in yourself".  I got the sunglasses from a local retailer in Salt Lake City that I actually found on Ebay.  They were willing to sell me the right amount of sunglasses so that I would not have to bid on them.  You can find them at this link on Ebay . Pretty sweet if you ask me. So, I have 35 pairs of sunglasses, 36 lanyards, and a lot of work left to go.  Girls camp is only 2 weeks away and I still have to put secret sisters together and everything... UGH!  (Why did I get this calling again?)

Anyway, let me know what you think?  I love more ideas and feedback on whether or not you would even use some of these ideas with your own girls!  Happy Summer Everyone!