Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some Big, BIG changes around this joint -

As most of you know - I work at Obeo.  Actually, I've worked there for a long time (7 years now).  I have done everything from Billing to Processing images.  I was even the  customer service manager for a while. This year the company is seriously growing by leaps and bounds.  (some areas more than others) and Obeo has invited me to make a change in my career (Which will allow me a unique kind of flexibility).  With great changes comes great responsibility too - so, I would like to introduce you all to the newest Customer Service manager with Obeo - The Misses.  (Yes, you all read that right).  

So, Obeo interviewed several people and after all of the dust settled they offered the job to the Misses.  Not to worry though - they have separated us in the building.  He took over my cubicle in the back and they moved me to an office in the front.  I am now the assistant to the Midwest regional area until they find someone local that can go in for office visits. 

That's the short and dirty version of it! I figured that it was about time for an Update since it was official over three weeks ago - right?

Those are not all of the big changes, but that's the first Major one.  Happy Monday everyone!