Thursday, January 15, 2015

I Approve of You!

HAHAHA!  No, really.  Tonight is "Approve Pending Transactions" for my company - it's just part of the job that I have to do.  I wait to make sure that the work got done, and I basically approve the work so that the person who did the job can get paid.  I always think that this part is so funny because it's like I'm saying "I approve of you".    It's really not that at all - it's that I have made sure that the contractor completed the job that they committed to for our client.  These nights are fabulous because I get to stay up and find ways to pass the time.  I get to look around and figure out what I would do instead of sleeping... all the way until Midnight.   So, thank goodness for Blobs, Facebook, and plenty of YouTube videos about how to say the Spanish Alphabet!

Just as a thought though, I often find myself wondering why is it that we care so much about what others think.  Especially when we are online expressing ourselves?  Half the time I do not know who is responding.  I don't know what that person is doing in their daily life of the background that they come from.  However, it seems so important that I reach them - or that we connect in some way.  Now, this particular entry was meant to be short and sweet.  I did not necessarily want to get into all of the ho-hum psychological semantics about human behaviors on this night.  But, I hope that all of my readers know that regardless, I approve of you. :)  

Have a happy night and keep reading and growing!  

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