Sunday, February 8, 2015

It's curved - it's Awesome - It's mine!

So, UM (Embarrassed)  I really thought that it was not going to be big enough.  Well, not until we got it out of the box and put it up on the stand - oh - it's big enough.  And though the Misses keeps wanting to know if I want to take it back for the 70" Vizio, I don't think that I do.  I don't think that the 5 inches will really matter in the long run considering the picture on this toy is AH-MAZING!

So, we welcome to our home our new TV.  What happened to the Old TV?  Well, the story of this is that it became a computer monitor for the Misses new computer that he got (Finally, after much begging and tears and a little bit of gnashing of teeth).  What happened to his old Samsung monitor that he HAD to have a few years back?  Well, it became mine.  SO, now I can see what I type when I am blobbing!  (not that it will really help, but there have to be perks somewhere, right?)

Biggest complaint about this whole process - actually, I have two.  I didn't really want the TV.  Actually, I didn't really want any of it - I prefer to be debt free... and buying these things means that I have another payment that I would prefer not to have.  But I am weak when it comes to the misses and his pleading puppy dog eyes when it comes to newer gadgets and toys.  SO, the domino effect took hold and we now have new stuff.  Second biggest complaint is that nothing installs with ease the way that they make it sound like it should. Nothing.  It's never just an "Out of the box quick setup".  No, instead it's throwing tape measure's on the ground when things don't go your way and complaining about all of the extra work that you now have to do because of the way that components fit and what not.  It's aggravating (To say the least)!  It totally is not necessary to have an attitude about things when they don't go JUST your way the first time around.  I know that when it is all said and done it will be fine, but it is OK to relax and take one step at a time instead of throwing a fit when things come off without a hitch the first time around.

With the two primary complaints I wonder to myself, "Is this all worth it?"  I think that in the end it is, but definitely during the process of setup, I would have to humbly disagree.  Vehemently.    It will look amazing when it is done - it will work well - but at least try to have a good attitude about the process too.  People are watching you, ya know.

Also, on a side note - I did update the blubber blob again.  Things are going really well with the Medifast diet.  I am quite pleased to say the least. :)  So, for all of my friends that have been considering this - I really recommend that you give it a try.  For those that have started it because they were inspired by my successes - Isn't this great?  I mean, we are doing so well ! :) 

Anyway, that is all for now - I will take pictures once the setup is complete, because really - my Family Room is AMAZING! 

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