Monday, March 16, 2015

The Recent Weather in Utah

The recent weather in Utah has left much to be desired.  I mean, seriously - One day I am out to take my daily walks, and the next day I am bundled up like a blizzard is comin' in.  In fact, just a little over 2 weeks ago this was the scene in the same day - same hour - 20 miles between locations:

The first shot was at my house, the next shot was at school in Salt Lake - One place covered in lovely snow (Which I have MISSED ALL DANG WINTER LONG) and the other, hardly a sprinkle.  It has been like this ALL dang Winter Long!

So, today is the first day of Spring - and it has already been fairly warm outside... but this morning there was (Once again) frost on the windshield of my car!  Oh why, oh why, won't the weather just make up its mind so that I can move on with things!  I would either like to go capri shopping or buy a parka - but not have to wear both in the same day.  I mean, I feel the need for flip flops and yet, I can't put them on for fear of frostbite in March!

The Land of the "Greatest Snow on Earth" didn't have much of it this winter - and that really sucked - but it doesn't need to pile it all on now that the rest of us are getting ready for spring - know what I mean?  And on a side note - isn't my home just the most adorable winter palace?  I love my house. :) Anyway - Ya'll have a great week!

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Allison J. said...

Utah is so Bi-Polar - ha ha ha!