Tuesday, April 7, 2015

3 Weeks Left until Finals

That's right - There are only 3 weeks of school left until Finals!  4 Weeks and 2 days left until I graduate!  I giggle because what should be a 2 year degree has taken me 17 years to achieve - but it's so going to be flippin' worth it! Why?  Actually, really there is only one reason why - it's because I have never actually graduated. You know - walked across a stage to graduate.  Never.  Nope - didn't do the ceremony in High School... and way back when I was a wee lass we never did things like Kindergarten or Elementary School and Jr. High School graduations.  Never.  It just was not heard of. 

So, now that I am all "growed up" I get to embark on this awesomeness.  It's not the dream that I had planned for myself.  I mean, I figured that I would have my Ph.D. by now - but I don't.  Apparently, life gets in the way.  However, I have made it this far, and it is quite the achievement, so I am super proud of myself!  Anyway, that's what is on the brain today - I don't have very much time left before I finish this chapter and move forward with something else.  (And I am just REALLY Excited).  So, short post - but full of awesomeness, like me. :)

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