Monday, April 6, 2015

One of my least favorite things -

My dad and I talk quite frequently - and a while ago he and I had a conversation in regards to Facebook.  I always tease him about how he seems to technologically sound but that the one place where everyone shares everything is Facebook and he is not there.  He always asks about the family, wants updates, oh send me some pictures.... blah.  Each time we have this discussion I always respond with, "Well, it's on facebook!  You can see everything there!" - to which he always tells me, "You know, I have known more people who have had feelings hurt and friendships lost and misunderstandings happen because of Facebook.  I will not be using Facebook."  At first I laughed this off.  I felt like he was not being reasonable.  I even chided him, explaining that not everyone was this way. 

I look back and I completely understand what he is talking about.  In fact - Facebook has caused much heartache in my immediate family.  The Misses and I have watched our children as they grow and post things on this social media hub, and most of the time it is joyous - sometimes it isn't.  I know that there are people on Facebook that do things (Sometimes intentionally and sometimes not intentionally) that cause consternation and hurt to another individual.   I recently have found myself part of this horrible circle and I fully intend to have it stop.

Part of me wonders - should I call this person out?  Should I speak up publicly about them?  Should I express how much my feelings were hurt by their actions?  Does it even matter?  The other half of me demands justice and explanations for the behavior!  It wants answers and it wants them now!  Again, does it even matter? 

Looking at all of the evidence I have only one conclusion - that person is just a seriously misguided individual (also, possibly a literal dirt stain) and I don't need them in my life - at all.  I just don't need that kind of hurt and pain and drama - even the silent drama is over-dramatic enough - and I have too many other things that I need to focus on instead of wondering why this person suddenly doesn't like me. (Really, I am pretty certain it must be because they are all jealous of my awesomeness - and my crazy hot body that was recently discovered with my new diet (Thanks Lori)).

Which brings me to another point - all of these people who don't seem to like me.  They all seem to want someone else and not the person that I am  (Even with all of the changes that I HAVE made).  It's not the first time that I have heard that I am not liked - after all, when I took over my position here at my office all I heard for months was "Well so-and-so would ALWAYS do it for me" - to which I have to respond, "Well, there is a reason so-and-so no longer works here and I do."  No, I am not the other person - No, I don't function the way that they did. No, I don't cater to your every whim, whine, and need.  No - You are not the center of my universe and No - I am not going to change who I am because you don't like me.  There are lots of GREAT things about me that you have failed to get to know because you were too busy listening to the liars and made up stories to come and talk to me yourself.  I am one of the most compassionate and giving people that I know and I would do anything for you that were within my power, but I am not a mind reader and you would have to tell me when you are in need and I can spot a user a mile away.  I am a full time employee, full time parent, full time student, and full time person - and I don't have time to worry about you unless you tell me so that I can work it into my schedule. 

Facebook ?  Well, there have been lots of times when my feelings were hurt by family members, and friends alike.  I tend to let things go.  Things like not being told happy Birthday by Every single person on my friends list, or even Happy Mothers Day by family members that should say it to me but say it to everyone else.  (Did you know that I tell the Misses ex's happy birthday and happy mother's day every year? No, really I do - I send them text messages.  WHY you ask?  Because those are important dates and they are important people to my step children and regardless of what they think, they are even important to me.)   I do notice when I get slighted in these areas, but I typically let it roll off of my back because it's not worth it to fight over.  However,  I hope that the personas that feel the need to behave in this manner realize a few things.  1) I am not going to be leaving any time soon - 2) I have the ability to change the beneficiaries on my last will and testament at any time.  and 3) Towanda.

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Ha Ha Ha! I love Towanda! Great Post!