Monday, April 6, 2015

The Statistical Analysis of my Statistics Class

There is no such thing as "Simple Statistics" - if you think that then you have not taken a stats class.  I hope that none of you take this the wrong way - but statistics is a sadistic roller coaster ride taught by crazy nerds who can do unbelievably difficult math equations in their heads. It's no wonder that when a student ventures forth to a math lab for additional help they find MAYBE 1 person in the entire lab that has an inkling on what needs to be done in Statistics to help you get through your ridiculous amount of homework.  
The worse part is that you must  do the homework - there is no other way for you to grasp the concept unless you are continually practicing the work that they put forth in front of you.  I mean constantly - like maybe you should have the lessons playing in the background while you are sleeping so that you continue to practice the concepts in your head all day and all night long... UGH - It's almost impossible.  ALMOST - but not quite.  I really thought that this class would be the easier of all my math courses - it's not. In fact, it's much harder - because each of the formulas is so close to the same so you have to really understand what you are doing and what formula you need to use in order to make certain that you are doing the correct math - otherwise, it is all for Naught.  (Notice how I threw that one in there?  Yeah, that word "Naught" is used in statistics too).  

Anyway, I say (With a 95% certainty) that this class is BLAH!  Rotten!  I dislike it so much!  I would say with at least a 50% certainty that other people probably feel exactly the same way about it too.  Statistics is just BLAH!  I'll be so glad in 4 weeks when I am completely done with this class, you have no idea. NONE!

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Allison J. said...

I haven't taken statistics, but it sounds horrible. Good Luck with your class.