The Brood

The Blauthor (Blah-ih-nator) - 
is a work-a-holic and constant self-punisher.  Don't worry - she will do it herself.  She tinkers with the piano but can really kick some butt in "Name that Tune". (I can do that in No notes, Alex).  Really likes to solve other people's problems and has almost mastered the Mind-reading abilities that every wife of 8 years has.  Her lifelong dream is to become the background singer for any band, because swaying and swinging while humming and repeating what was just sung is what seems to be the most wonderful job on the planet.  Has a serious weakness for landscape photography as well as Brokeh photography and secretly wishes that food did not contain any calories.  Affectionately referred to as the "Queen of Confection" she can be found sneaking tastes of cookies, cakes, pies, frosting, and whatever else she is attempting to bake up in the kitchen.  

The "Misses" -
is a down to earth kind of guy who doesn't mind supporting the better half in his life.  He reads constantly, is housebroken, and makes a mean German Pancake.  He can be found ruling the lands of Ultima, snuggled up with a book that would bore typical Americans, or quizzing the Blauthor on musical trivia to keep her in tip top shape just in case a game of Name that Tune should happen to pop up in a social setting.  His ultimate goal is to educate the masses and keep me in line.

The Eldest - 
 is a come and go kind of personality.  That's what happens when you're in your teens and live in another state; whether that be state of confusion, state of mind, state of generosity, or state on this continent - the eldest can be found in a constant state of flux between them all.  She has a thing with sticking out her tongue in most every picture, being absolutely silly for no apparent reason, and using lots of teenager jargon to confuse the rest of the populous.  She aspires to one day have the ability to text without the use of her fingers.

Kadiddly Dee Dee! 
 is her mama's pride and joy.  She loves to snuggle, pretend she didn't hear a word of what you just said, and singing loudly in the car while her mama pretends to be a background singer.  She can be found bringing home any stray cat and hoping that they can take it in.  If the feline species can't be found, she will find a non-living and hopefully stuffed one to bring home with her.  She has been trained in the art of "Ninja" and can run like the wind while spouting off math equations to throw off the competition.  She is witty, smart, talented, and will one day be a leader of many lemmings.  If lemmings can't be found she will gladly accept cats as a replacement.

Squiggly - 
is talented on levels that the common human cannot comprehend.  She plays sports of all kinds, she has school spirit, she is musically inclined, she reads, she writes, she slices, she dices, and all without breaking a sweat.  With her little finger she can move molehills and with her big toe she can kick mountains!  She is an avid collector of small worlds under the sea and nothing will stop her from acquiring them all.  This little knockout loves to challenge her most unworthy opponents to a game of anything, very tricky and hard to play, and with confidence she will crush them beneath her awesomeness.  

The Big "D"  D-man - 
Is mama's "Secret weapon".  He is also an aspiring scientist who is always looking for ways to best the mama in a riveting game of Chess.  He is inquisitive and will not let the wool be pulled over his eyes. He knows what you are going to do before you do it because he has also been trained in the way of the "Ninja" and can anticipate your every move before you even thought that you wanted to make it.  He's amazing in the kitchen and knows just what to do for a flaky, buttery crust to come out perfectly.  An expert marksman and a manipulator of orbs his talents exceed those of common children.  He aspires to join the Happy Hans German Band one day as a singing ninja with a perfect soprano pitch and eventually take over the world with the help of the Warner Brothers and their sister, Dot.

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