Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aonika Needs -

So, I saw this on Ashley's site - I was catching up, and I thought that it would be funny to do. Especially since I feel the need to get some of the anger out. So, off to google I go, to type in "Aonika Needs" - well, nothing came up with the whole sentence, so - I had to put it together. it said Aonika - and then in the rest of it somewhere else it said "needs...." and lo' here you have some GREAT laughs - read on...

1) Aonika needs (to be played on a high definition format) - SO true... After all, you'd be getting the best pictures that way.

2) Aonika needs (to get Michelle a better bra. She's too young to be sagging). WOAH? What about me? Why don't I get the better bra? And who is Michelle anyway? They say she's young, well - doesn't that mean that I am messin' in a place I shouldn't be messin?

3) Aonika needs (to be an all star cast) - well, that's true - I can be anyone I want that way.

4) Aonika needs (to report a problem with my order) - Now, I didn't know I had one, but I better start checking around to find out just what I did that has a problem! Been shopping a lot online lately!

5) Aonika needs (to upgrade your Flash player ownage) - I have NO idea what that means... but, I usually have the hubby take care of that one.

6) Aonika needs (some more editing) - Well, FINE - I thought that I had cleaned up my act, but apparently not!

7) Aonika needs (to be willing to take some time to reflect in the spirit) Well, doesn't everyone? But, I like this one, I think that I will keep it.

8) Aonika needs (our children during an emergency) NO I DO NOT! BACK OFF YO!

9) Aonika needs (to know about planning the perfect day) Well, You are right about that. If I had THAT information, I would be pretty indisposable.

10) Aonika needs (to be a member to access this page) You are right - I do need to be a member to access THIS particular page... go figure.

Hope you all had a laugh - specially after all the serious stuff... HUGS

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Carter Clan said...

LOL I was laughing the entire time! GREAT!