Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Cherry Cherries ..

This weekend we were fortunate enough to be able to pick cherries from my sister's - neighbors - cherry tree.  Apparently they do not ever harvest them, and I just could not imagine them all going to waste.  So, I asked if we could pick some and we were granted full access to their cherry tree.
So, we filled up this entire bucket to the top  - Full of delicious cherries just waiting to be eaten. (or in this case, jarred).  
Kadoodle sat in the kitchen and helped me to prepare the delicious red morsels of goodness by checking to make sure that they were not bruised (or half eaten) and pulling out their stems.
Then we cleaned them in a sink full of water. D-man liked the bobbing sound that they made when we would run our hands through them to get them cleaned.

The most interesting thing about this adventure is that Kadoodle has never liked cherries... never ever.  But she willingly went along with their canning demise.
I almost expected to see this look more than the few times that I did.   But, she remained true - she did the work even though it was not her most favorite fruit in the entire world.
All of the jars were sanitized and cleaned, and then filled with the delicious morsels.  Then we filled them with a light syrup and placed them in a water bath for 35 minutes.  And - VIOLA!  We have 12 quarts of cherries - so sweet and wonderful.  I am REALLY excited about all of the different things that I have made in the last few month - Blackberry and Strawberry Jam, now canned Cherries... Peach season is coming up - I can hardly wait!

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