Monday, June 11, 2012

Honoring our Scout

Just Plain FUN
Here's the Scoop:
 This Thursday night - D-man will be honored by the Great Salt Lake Council for selling more than 100 tickets in his Pack.   We are so excited for him!  Not only did he earn 5 belt loops, 2 pins, and his Bear patch at Scout-O-Rama, but he got to Rock Wall climb, Kennedy got to Kayak, He got to participate in a "war", help out with the Pack Booth, play Table Tennis with me and K, and so many other things I can't even put them all down here.  
A few weeks later, his pack went to the Bird Show and he passed off the whole bird section in his Book!  We absolutely love the scouting program - and we can't wait to Honor D-Man for all of the effort that he put out for Scout-O-Rama.  We will be doing it again at the Beginning of March next year, and I hope that everyone will support him again!  

Thanks Everyone!

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