Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Super Best Friend

 This is Lori - My Best Friend From Alaska - I've known Lori for 13 years - the Longest friend that I have ever had.  The most trustworthy, kind, smart, amazing woman alive.  Because she lives in Alaska, it's quite hard to have the normal friendship that most get to have - and lots of times we don't really talk for a long time.  I can thank Facebook for making sure that we keep in touch because we both get so busy it's REALLY hard to keep in touch.
 But Last night she had a few hours during a Layover in Salt Lake, and I got to snag her from the Airport and get some precious time with my wonderful friend.  We even got to go to Tiffany's!  (Which I still think that it's so amusing that there is a Tiffany's in Salt Lake - But, Okey Dokey marketing people.)  Look at how AMAZING she looks!  It's like finding a Unicorn!  (Actually, it's all that Yoga that she does).
I am so glad to have her for a Best Friend - she's so awesome!  I know that I said before that she would be moving - and when she does, I might just have to relocate to Oregon just so that way we can keep ourselves out of trouble (or would that be in Trouble?)  Either way?  There will be Trouble...

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