Wednesday, January 2, 2013

So, Each year we start off with "resolutions" or promises that we don't really intend to keep.  This year I have decided to do something a little bit different.  I have decided to make goals instead of "resolutions".  I guess that it could be considered the same thing, but in reality - I always seemed to do better with goals rather than resolutions.  So, that's what this year is going to be for me... Goals.

There are the Typical goals - you know the ones.  I will Lose weight, I will eat healthier, I will get exercise, I will - I will - I will.  I have some of those - but this year I have some other's as well.  This year's set of goals I think are feasible - 

1) I am going to try more recipes from Pinterest, and then write down the ones I like on recipe cards just in case the power goes out and I don't have access to the internet to get the awesome recipe back when I want to try it out the most.

2) I am going to read at least 1 GOOD book each month.  Now, it's not to say that I don't read good books anyway.  It's just to say that sometimes I fill my head with things that are less than worthy of my time.  So, this year, I am going to read better books - maybe get mah-sef a leetle edumacation...

3) I am going to let things go - and with that I am going to a lot more upcycling.  There are things that I can't let go because I "Think that I am going to use" those things.  Then they sit around.  So, if I can't let it go then I am going to put it to immediate use.  I think that I can handle that, right?

4) I am going to learn to quilt - and I AM going to make at least 4 quilts before next Christmas.  I am.

5) I am going to not be so hard on myself about my weight. I recently read that -

Until abundant food and sedentary lives combined to form mass obesity, plumpness was often coveted, flaunted as an indicator of health and wealth.
To stone-age man, the Venus of Willendorf – a voluptuous sculpture with enormous breasts and a bulbous belly – was worthy of celebration. Today, she would probably be put on an NHS weight loss program.
Famously, Rubens, the 16th-century Flemish painter, preferred the fuller figure, depicting fleshy, large-bottomed women as the life-giving goddesses of beauty, sexuality and fertility in The Three Graces (1635).
Though portliness could be bad when it demonstrated other vices (cartoonists decided that George IV's extravagance was most easily shown in his girth), generally, the modern-age dislikes fat. The fashion industry sells its garments on skinny models: in 2009, Kate Moss was estimated to have a BMI of 16.
Yet not all societies, even now, accept this. Samoans, Puerto Ricans and Tanzanians still celebrate largeness and six out of 10 black South Africans are clinically obese. Even in Western societies, there are differences. In a survey by Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, white women were found to worry about their weight when their BMI hit 25, black women when it nudged 30.

So, with that in Mind I have decided that I really should not be so hard on myself -  I am going to work at it, in fact, I am going to be doing a new program with the help of my dad and my sweetheart.  BUT - I am not going to be so hard on myself if I do not lose the weight that I am looking to lose.  (I like how the Misses says "Why would you want to lose it" - maybe that is not the best word.  Maybe it's that I would like to get rid of it...)

Anyway, those are a few of the goals that I have - oh, I am sure that I will acquire some more goals as I go - but it has been said that if you have lots of rules and you can't live by them it is worse than if you had one rule and stuck by it.  5 is a good start.  Happy New Year Everyone!

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