Thursday, December 20, 2012

Another Easy Necklace Tutorial

Back to that whole "We make Christmas" thing that I had going - while I was at the Scrapbook USA Expo this past September, a new vendor showed their lovely faces - Craft Fantastic.  (You can find them HERE)

Their website has easy tutorials and inexpensive kits on how to make these darling necklaces.  Kadoodle and I really liked this idea and we bought a kit for her to try out this Christmas.  

(By the way - Craft Fantastic's blog is right HERE)

Anyway, Kadoodle and I got started and in about 30 minutes we had these lovely pendants that she had made for her friends.  Some of the images were from the kit, others were made from scrapbook paper - but the process was so easy to do!  No Muss, no Fuss, no Fighting, and we are almost done.  Now to just add the bails and a lovely little chain - both of which can be found on their website, and we will have ourselves some necklaces for her girlfriends for Christmas!  Wouldn't it be so great if we could come up with some awesome ideas for the boys for Christmas?  Jewelry making seems so easy - but not very masculine.

Again, I have some lovely pictures of the finished product with the catch on the back and the necklace chain - but I have no pictures here with me.... SADNESS!  I will have to upload them as soon as I get my camera. :)

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