Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Childhood Activities

What activities did I enjoy as a Child that I enjoy now as an adult?

Well, this one is hard. Most of my favorite activities now were not childhood things. For example - I love to cross stitch. When I am really in the mood to do it, I can cross stitch for hours and hours without stopping. Seriously. Ask my best friend - she can vouch for this! (She does it too... Shhhhhh, don't tell!) So, I love Cross-stitching. But I really learned how to do it when I was about 13 years old... So, not really a child. But, it should count, right? I am twice what I was when I was 13!!I also love to scrapbook. One of my favorite past-times. I mean, really. I will collect anything and everything just for the sake of cutting it up and gluing it back into a book. But, I didn't do this as a child either. I did do a lot of collecting as a child - that should count! I still collect things. part of my incredible packrat capabilities!
I also am a big fan of cooking. Have been since my early teen years (maybe earlier than that). So, at a young age I was quite the gal when it came to Macaroni and Cheese. I could also make a MEAN PBnJ. Brownies were a specialty as were cookies (though I will have to tell about my evil cookie experience some other time). Anyway, Back to me being a kid - Well, I was big on pretending. My dad and mom would both be able to tell you that I was the kid that didn't care if I played with someone or if I played alone. I was actually pretty good at playing alone. I had quite the active imagination and I did better by myself (I think). I didn't like it when other people would mess up my game play. Now that I am all growed up and got little-uns of my own, well, there is still a great deal of pretend play. They don't always catch on to my wild schemes and ideas, but it's still a lot of fun. Sometimes they get into it, sometimes they don't - but I don't think that's a part of me that will ever go away. Keeps life interesting!
As a young lass, I also swam. I love swimming still - I am a total water baby. I was competitive as a child and I am just as competitive today when it comes to the water sports that I do. I might be having trouble with my weight - and I might LOVE to eat, but I love the water just as much and will challenge anyone that thinks that they can beat me. they might be able to, but I will re-challenge them when I am doing a little bit better. Rest Assured, it won't be too long before they LOSE! BWAHAHAHAA!As a child and as an adult, I love to be outside - I love to go camping and just be out. OUT is good. I like to go to national parks and see the different settings that our dear father has created for us. Trees as tall as you can look! Rock formations shaped by the winds. Gysers, mountains, trails, flowers, trees... I love the outside... have since I was a kid - and will forever.
Which brings me to gardening. I love to have a garden. I like to work in the yard and work with plants and flowers and things like that. It's something that was passed on by my Grandpa Ross, and maybe even my Grandpa Singleton. Somewhere in the history is a garden... and somewhere I found that I love it. The smell of the soil, the pulling of weeds. It's hard work, but it's so lovely when it's done. I loved working in the yard as a youth, when we lived in Texas. I would trim the hedges and weed and mow... and one day I will have a yard again and I will be back at it again. I love dirt.


The Woolston Family said...

That was fun. Just one comment. My yard eats me alive...wanna to share? You can have some of the space to do and grow as you please. I even have a green house. :)

Carter Clan said...

Hey .. where is the blog about last night?

Aislinn said...

I think that as a child you liked to sing as loudly as you could and you still do! I could say other things but I'll keep that to myself... hehehee - love ya!