Wednesday, May 30, 2012

BOCA Futbol Club

 I have not posted anything about Soccer in a while - that's because the season has ended.  But, Tryouts for Boca are happening - RIGHT NOW.  Well, this week - And though I feel like our boys did not get the kind of instruction and guidance that they needed last year, I do feel like this year they will be getting the kind that they need.
That is because this year The Misses is taking over the U10 Boys group.  The Previous coach will be taking the secondary team, if there even IS a secondary team.  In addition to all of this, the Misses will continue to do goalie training - which is very helpful since D-Man wants, so badly, to be a goalie.

Anyway - we are all getting so very excited for this upcoming soccer season!  With all of these great changes I can't wait to see how the boys change and improve!  So, look for new soccer pictures starting in August - with a new coach, which means, an all new and improved team!


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