Sunday, July 6, 2008

Funny Things About Mississippi

So, as I am sure that most of you know because you are all wonderful people who keep up with my blog all the time... right ... (TEE HEE) ... I went to Mississippi. It was a fun trip... see! Happy faces everywhere! (Though, I worked most of the time - and I did get stuck in Atlanta (LONG STORY). But, for the 1.5 days that I really had to spend, I was in Mississippi.

This is my finger man - he was created at Mississippi Gravely during ROUGH times... And I mean ROUGH times. The girls were bored - and can you blame them? Not that I don't find high powered lawn mowers and tractors just the sexiest thing that there ever was, but I am sure that they wouldn't want to hang out there all day long - so - Mr. Finger is a creation of bored minds.

Now - here's alovely picture... I just had to share. Long story is that my dad has a Tom Tom in his car. Which, by the way, is a nifty little device that I am glad he has. So, we were looking for a place to eat and we decided to see what Mr. Tom Tom had to suggest. Might I offer you a taste of number TWO on the list. Something you would ONLY see in the south...

OH - but behold - there is something else that you would only see in the south. I had gone to visit a friend of mine. As I was leaving her home, I turned back to the trusty Tom Tom to see what streets were around. After all - she lived close to the new church and I wanted to drive by on my way home (Another story). Lo and behold... yet another southern treat appeared. Tom Tom has really outdone itself! Pay close attention to the street names now... I don't think that you would see this anywhere else. :D
At the zoo there was another great sign. I just HAD to have my picture here. Jessica (My illustrious sister in law) Also got her shot in front of this sign. Now, I understand that this is nothing to brag about - however, They aren't exactly PC down there. It's something that I kind of miss too. Mostly because it gives me a great deal of laughs. Like that one time when I saw church sign that said something about "If you don't go to church you'll go to hell - and it's really HOT down there". LOL - anyway... just observe and take note of the sign.
These are my Nieces. This was an EVIL spider thingy on a wall... and they all wanted to pretend that they were dead. I loved it! I like how each one has their very own expression on their face. Most enjoyable!

It was a good trip. Mostly work - but a little bit of play. I didn't get to see everyone I wanted to see. Too short on time. BUT, It was worth it even for the little bit that I got. Well, it's nighty night time - I am going to bed. But I wanted to put something up for now! C-Ya!

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Carter Clan said...

I cannot stop laughing.. your blog is hillarious! Glad you had a fun filled time, but even more glad that you're home. KISSES