Tuesday, August 19, 2008

An Uneventful Week - an Uneventful Blob

I SO Stole this picture from Heidi's site... MAN I look silly here... but, it was fun... FUN FUN FUN - and you know what?!?! I am going to have a Girls night as well... October 4th - you better all be there. You all know who you are (You too Heidi). But, it's more like a "Girl's Afternoon" because I am not doing it at night... this won't be the last reminder, but you all need to mark it on your Calendars! Well, it's been a fun week or so... I mean - I haven't done much of anything really - I worked on my Dad's website a little. Rick worked at Uhaul - oh, that's right - Did I tell you all that he got a job at UHaul as a rockin' awesome Manager? Well, if not, there's your information about it. There's your warning - but it really is quite the blessing. After all - it is more money that Teleperformance. Not as much as Aarons yet - but more that Telep. And that's always a big help - especially when you are going out of town and everything. Know what I mean?!?

Anyway, most things around here have been uneventful - thus the lack of posting. Aislinn and I jarred peaches yesterday. 50 LBS of peaches. And, from what I know, all the jars sealed. Which is a total bonus. They were yummy... made my tummy a little sick from eating all the peaches, but they were so good - I couldn't help it. Now, I will have peaches for the rest of the year, and maybe next year too. They are better than the canned stuff that you get from the store, they were cheaper, and I know that they taste good because I got to try them already. MMMMM - Yummy. Kahlyn took all the pictures of our jarring efforts - so, I will have to get some of those to put up at some point in time. I am certain that they are silly... but that's alright. :D
Now, I am off to go and do dishes - my most favorite chore. Hugs and kisses to you all!

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Aislinn said...

Yes this has been an eventful week - where have you been? I mean, we canned peaches, fixed an airline ticket, made pencil critters, and there is still more to come!!!