Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Cruise Glorious Cruise!

That's right! You are looking at the Carnival Elation from the coast of Avalon, Catalina CA. My sisters and I got to go on a cruise! (Can you see how much I am complaining!?!) I love cruising. I am not quite the fanatic that the older A is, but I do love it. I wish I had the money to do it more than once in a while. But, what can you do... So, Though I won't go into the kind of detail that Ozzie went into on her blog, I will touch a little bit on the cruise that I went on.Now, back in 2004 my sisters got to go on the Carnival Elation. this was our first cruise, and I believe that we were all hooked after that. On this one, we really missed having our Jessica there, but we understand that this one was very short notice - so, we will just have to get her to be one one of the cruises that Aislinn is planning for next year. (Oh, you know she's always got a cruise up her sleeve!)
SEE! I did too think about all of you other people out there that did not get to go with me! I said Hello! What more do you want!?! Anyway - It was lots of fun... a smooth drive down and a smooth drive back. It was the easiest trip as far as getting on and off of the cruise ship. And, it was fairly relaxing most of the time. I did get a little bit sun burnt on one of our sea days (I'm still itchy from that) but otherwise, it was a pretty decent, short getaway.I will admit that I stole this picture idea from another girl and either her friend or her sister that were doing something very similar. But, I am certain that my shots turned out better... after all... look at my HOT model! She was incredibly easy to work with... could not ASK for a better model than that one there. Besides, she took me to a quaint little restaurant on the island for Fajitas afterward - and that was all the payment I needed!By the way, the Pacific water is FREEZING that early in the morning. I would have been happy to put the series of pictures up here as I ventured across the sandy beach and into the water, however, you would probably wet your pants looking at them. This was the final shot, and if you can tell, my butt cheeks were still puckered up Due to the cold water.All in all I would have to say that it was a wonderful trip. Besides, they had chocolate melting cake every night - what more can you ask for?

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