Tuesday, May 5, 2009

I LoVe My LiFe!

I used to do the "counting my blessings" thing - and it has been a while since I have put up here the reasons that I love my life. I was thinking heavily on this just tonight - about how blessed I am to have the best companion for me. He's fantastic. He loves me, he provides for me, he's intelligent and he has a wonderful spirit. We have been thoroughly tested throughout our marriage, and we have come out the better each time. Tonight, as I was thinking on this, I realized that I hadn't posted in a very long time about how much I care for this guy and everything he does for me. Oooh, sure, I must gloat a little when I say that I did get the very best of him. And I will continue to get the very best of him for Eternity, and that is really awesome.But, there are others that make my life wonderful - my sisters - and my sister in Law. (who should just be a sister anyway). Each of these ladies has been there for me in the most trying of times - with advice, love, hugs, and sometimes a molten lava cake (or a cruise) which always brightens up my spirit... Can I be any more blessed? Oh yes.... I can... there is my VERY best friend - who (Despite living in ALASKA) has an uncanny connection to my heart and soul. She knows me so perfectly well. There can be months when we are not able to coordinate our contact, and somehow, we can always talk as if no time has passed between us at all. What a support system... what phenominal ladies I have in my life. I can't even say how much gratitude I have for them. When I have felt down - when things have been really tough, they have all been there for me.Though I don't have any fantastic pictures of my parents- they all belong here. My father, my mother, my step parents that are JUST LIKE real parents. I love them all - and they have cared for me and my family in ways that are unnumbered. My mother just brought me her old table when mine broke. My father sent me his camera for temporary use, knowing how much I take pictures and love to scrapbook. They care for my children, all four of them, and love them as though they were born of me. What a fantastic family I have!

There is my Brother - who doesn't keep in touch much, but if I ever need anything, he would do whatever he could to get it for me. Advice about old, broken down cars, and how to ride the waverunner in a way to make the VERY BEST Waves. He helped Kennedy to learn to fish, and he has Always found a way to make me feel welcome and loved when I am in his home. His teasing is welcome and wonderful - no matter how Old I get.Then there is Jeremy - the ex husband. We have had our ups and downs, between being married and divorced and then working out our Joint Legal/Physical custody. But, more often than not, Jeremy has been there for me as a wife and mother. Heck - he bought my new camera for me when my other one broke. Tell me - are there any other Ex Husbands out there, that you know (not the mythical ones) that would do such a thing for their ex wives? Or Vice Versa? So many times he has helped me. So many times he has been there. Oh sure - there are times when he hasn't been, and there are times when I have wanted to beat him down - (that's why we aren't married anymore) but all together, he is a decent man and a wonderful father to our kids. He tries hard in the best way that he knows how - it's not my way, but it's better than no way at all.I have 4 of the most wonderful, ecclectic children... versitile and full of talents and knowledge! There is Circe - she is my Oldest. She is PHENOMINAL and so gifted (she gets that from her dad)There is Darrell and Kennedy - two of the most loving children. Oh sure - they have their ups and downs - but they take good care of each other and they take good care of me too (sometimes, I really need that).And there is Aspen - just like her dad in so many ways ... (so is Circe). Aspen is so smart and talented and I am so blessed to know her.I do love my life. I am so grateful to have so many wonderful blessings and I wouldn't let ANY PERSON on this earth try to rob me of it. There are so many people that complain about what they have, or what they don't have - or they try to take it from someone else because they are miserable themselves... But I don't think that there is one thing on this planet that could take away the people that show me what truly matters in this life. It's not the money - it's not the material stuff - it's not the cruises (though - Ais would tell you different) - it's the people that make a difference. I love them all!

And now that I have had my time to let it all out - I am going to bed... with my eternal companion (wink Wink). ((KISSes To All!))

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Aislinn said...

WHAT? Cruises don't make a difference? Says YOU!! Heehehehehe - great post! I loved reading it and seeing all the pics (although I'm sure there is a better one of the 3 sisters - one where we don't look so fat!)
Regardless - the truth is that we are all blessed with very special people in our lives - people that can touch us like no other - spouses that are meant just for us - and friends that love us unconditionally. Just like I love you!