Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A new addition to our family

A few months ago we bought Guitar Hero - Oooh, I know... I am SO Behind the times... BUT, it was finally on sale. I knew that the kids had played this game so many times at their dad's house, so I figured "why not?". I bought it, and it sat in the box downstairs.

This past weekend we decided that we would open it up, break it out, and let the kids just hand me my hiney at this game... And... They Did.The two of them play better than me on just about every song. On the Easy Level, Kennedy scored perfect on several of the songs that I didn't even pass 80% on. Same with Darrell - he beat Slash...
What could I do? I couldn't let them keep beating me like that - So, I did the only think that I knew to do... I sent them to their dad's house for the rest of the weekend and I practiced.And I practiced... and I practiced... and I practiced some more.
The masses wanted me to play on... so I did!
The game even recognized my ability to be AWESOME!
And in the end, there will be only one! BWAHAHAHAAA! Actually, it's going to take me a long time to beat Kennedy... she is REALLY good at this game. Sure she's been playing longer, but she is really good at it. I barely passed the Easy level - that's right... I beat Satan! (Sold my soul to do so). But Kennedy plays easily on the Hard levels... so, I guess we will see...

PRAISE our new addition... Guitar Hero. :)

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