Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Yellow and Orange and Graduation, Oh My...

So, on Saturday, Kennedy and Darrell graduated from a white belt in Brazilian Jujitsu to Yellow for Darrell and Orange for Kennedy. According to their instructor, the color difference was not due to levelling, but due to age.
Here is Darrell waiting for his Yellow Belt to be bestowed upon him.
His instructor talking to him about how the year went and some of the things he noticed about Darrell's development.
Ahhh, the bestowing of the belt!
Darrell and his instructor
Now, through some sort of parental mis-communication, Kennedy was not present for the belting ceremony. She was out shopping with Lisa. Hmmm... what to do? I know! We will have Jeremy accept her belt for her...
OH Such a proud moment! He's worked so hard for this! Driving them back and forth, and back and forth again!... crazy, I know it.
Jeremy and the orange belt
Darrell showing off his awesome certificate...
So, Kennedy wasn't there - but that didn't stop us from doing the next best thing. Rick has been to Brazil, so he's practically certified to handle this situation. We handed him the belt, put Kennedy in Darrell's Gi, and off we went with the camera!
Sure, it wasn't QUITE the same, but in the end, Kennedy got her belt and certificate, and I got my pictures for scrapbooking purposes...
He does look like he's from Brazil, doesn't he... ?? :)
Good Job Kennedy and Darrell! I am so proud of you for taking down the enemy with your impressive grappling skills!

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Aislinn said...

I love how you solved the prob. w/ Kennedy and how Rick got to "do the honors" - that's creative! what a funny memory. They are progressing right along - what a great skill to have!