Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy Birthday!~~!~~!

So - as we all know... soccer season has started for the youngsters. Also, as we all know, my son and ex hubby share my birthday with me. Darrell is one of the best birthday presents that I have ever gotten. And Yesterday, My birthday present got to play soccer - and ... he scored two goals.

Ooooh, but don't be fooled just yet. It wasn't that easy. In fact, while my sister was there - he didn't score one goal. AND he was getting quite frustrated with his team. He would get onto them about how they were on his team and they needed to get out of his way, and things like that. Just frustrated in general.

And yesterday, he also played the best game we have ever seen him play. He was technically sound, used his body appropriately, was more aggressive than usual, hustled the way he should, and scored twice. It was truly an awesome experience.
But, the Incident occurred just after scoring the first goal. "A" was not there to witness it as she had to leave to get "N" to his own soccer game. Darrell runs down the field with the ball and he scores after much frustration. Then he turns around and says "That's what ya get for pi$$ing me off!" *Yes... he said that* - Never have I seen him so aggressive! And at the same time, I am on the sidelines sniggering... terrible, I know it. But still... this is one of those double edged situations. He did get a good talking to, but at the same time, I understand how he was so frustrated that he would act out like that (Or speak out as it were).

Either way, it was still a great game. Go figure...

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Aislinn said...

bummer - sorry I missed it! That is rather funny though - that he verbally assulted those around him! hehehee! You should have posted the pic of him being "held back"! AWESOME!