Thursday, September 24, 2009

Birthdays / Halloween / More Soccer - Oh My

So, it's been a busy few weeks. I posted on our birthday - but on Saturday (following the birthday gig) we did a skating thing for Darrell. This was my usual chance to make "The cake". Ooooh, I had grand schemes to do a field with a full soccer ball. But when turning out the field cake, it didn't come out of the pan and broke all up (which stunk it up so bad). So, then I had this huge ball, but it wasn't sitting right, so I had to cut it in half to get it right... so, The soccer ball ended up being half the size of what I wanted to have it. But, Darrell seemed to be pleased with the cake.
Then this weekend - we decorated for Halloween. Right after my birthday is the signal for putting out the decorations. I love Halloween, it is my most favorite holiday. So, I like to celebrate it as long as I possibly can. The "TREAT" thing is one of my newest additions to the list of stuff that I have to put out. My sister gave it to me last year, and I LOVE the way it looks. The kids kept trying to rearrange the letters to make different words, but I always put it back to what it's meant to be. I love Treats.
We decorated the outside of the house... and we even put webbing up for the neighbors. You know, webbing can be stretched EVERYWHERE - and they never decorate. So, might as well give them a little nudge in the right direction. My neighbor is expecting a little one, so perhaps this will get her into that sort of "One day I am going to have to decorate because the kids love it" thing... I don't think so, it's a stretch. BUT, it was still worth a try. (While we were decorating, the kids continued to remind me that "mom, we aren't supposed to decorate the neighbors houses, Remember?!?!" - ooooh, but I was on a mission! It was GOING TO BE festive around this joint!)
And, of course, I have to get out the evil village! I need more stuff, but my piano is temporarily happy while I have my little evil village out. The kids LOVE putting this one together because it moves and stuff. :) I just wish that Lemax made things for the villages that didn't break so easily. (*because, they do break easily - but, superglue is my FRIEND!)
And, yesterday, Darrell's team had soccer pictures. Lovely group of boys - and I am not sure if they were all here... but, It's still a lovely group. Now, do you see that one in the front... yeah, the one with the Glasses.... He's the MVP on the team. You'd never guess that, but he is. Kind of mouthy too, but, that comes with being the teams best soccer player. Ahhh, first the team, then the world! BWAHAHAHA!
So, that's the update so far. Nothing else is really going on right now - just hoping that something will come through for Rick and whatnot. He's still looking for that elusive job - - I will keep you all posted. HUGS!


Aislinn said...

didn't know ya'll did something for D's b-day. Hope you had fun.

The Woolston Family said...

Sounds familiar. We are heavy into Birthday Mode around here. Ethan, Seth, Erik. Seth get's baptized on Saturday if you wanted to come...Barnes kids are invited too.

Nicki Christensen Swilor said...

That cake is awesome. Even if it isn't what you had in mind. I love it!