Friday, September 25, 2009

My little Overachiever...

He SAID "4" - He GOT 5

Soooo - Yesterday, Darrell played another tremendous game of soccer. In the car he said that he was going to score 4 goals. I gently reminded him that most games there are not that many goals. And that it's not about the goals, it's about having fun and playing the game.
So... Up the field he goes! Running with all of his might!
He Moves around the ball...
He Shoots!
He Scores!

He scored 5 times in this game... I got a few of them on film. It was a VERY Exciting game. I think that he was showing off for Grandma S. while she was there. The funny part was that Grandma would cheer for the other team when they did well too - and Darrell would say to Rick "Why is she doing that? Is she crazy or something?!?! She's not supposed to cheer for the OTHER team!!" It was quite the riot. Anywho, I think that if he sticks with it, we are going to see a pretty good player in the end. This just seems to be his game right now. :) Guess we will see!


Aislinn said...

yay - so much fun! Glad he had a good game for Grandma! (even if she was cheering for both teams!)

Carter Clan said...