Friday, October 2, 2009

Aonika and the Philharmonica...

So... this is Suni's handiwork from work. See what happens when you get bored? Oh, sure I dream that one day I will be up there, singing in front of BILLIONS - NOT. . . my stage-fright would totally get the best of me on that one. BUT, at the same time.... Anyway, that might be the closest I ever get, so I figured that I would share.
AND - tonight starts an incredible weekend... we are seeing CREED and Staind is opening for them. This (in my honest opinion) won't be as fantastic as Depeche Mode - or Matchbox 20 - BUT, I have a pretty good idea that they are going to Rock it out anyway. I can't wait. I am leaving early (Take that WORK)... And we are going to have a great, exhausting time... Wanna go too? You should go to the box office and get tickets... That's what I did! Bwahahaaa!

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Carter Clan said...

DID you photoshop your head on that picture??? LOL CLASSIC