Wednesday, October 7, 2009


A long time ago, in a land far away (yeah, before K was born), I worked at "Access Long Distance". They are no longer in business. BUT, during the time that I was there I would visit this little deli - Phil was the owner, and his son Phillip would help him out. On Tuesdays they would serve the most delicious Turkey Tetrazzini. In the recent weeks I have been desiring this most delicious of dishes, and I decided to see if they were still there. Turns out, their door sign is still there... However, they are not. They went out of business at the beginning of September due to some horrible builder who wasn't sure if they were going to raze the building or put a hotel there or what. They still have no plans but yet they still forced Musumeci's deli out. What a terrible thing! Now, I will forever be longing for the Turkey Tetrazzini!! Anyway, I salute Phil Musumeci, born in Sicily Italy and raised in New York. Thank you for the memories of the BEST turkey tetrazzini that EVER was.


Aislinn said...

Bummer - cause I'm always looking for something new to try! Maybe you and I should go to Italy?!

elkaholic said...

I ate there a few times....that is too bad. It's always the good little places that have it the hardest.