Monday, October 26, 2009

Chainsaw Guy STRIKES again!

Yeah, you know him - you've seen him - you've heard the horrifying tales of Chainsaw Guy. Tonight, My sis (A) and her Hubby (T) and my groovy friend from work (P) went to the Castle of Chaos. Alas! I love the haunty housies! I love the fear, the screams - but - I do not love chainsaw guy. I heard him before I saw him... I knew what was coming... I know that he's always there at the end, waiting for me.
This castle has a few twists and turns - Heck T even made me scream. There was, ahem, the Leaky. Anyway, At the end there is this guy... he puts you into a box that's like a coffin, and the bottom drops out... and lo' there is chainsaw guy. I could hear him on the other side. I started screaming when they closed the box. P was laughing on the other side. I could feel chainsaw guy's chainsaw vibrating at my feet... the bottom fell out - and I was trapped. I knew that he had me. He did... he had me so trapped. He cornered me - he was all up in mah grill dawg - there was NO escape. By the time he was done with me tonight, I even smelled JUST like chainsaw guy...

So, back to the tale, P grabbed my hand and rescued me from chainsaw guy. Ooooh, but whilst we were in the gift shop, he came and got me again... And when we were outside , he got me again. I tried to defend myself with a trashcan, but it didn't work. He had me backed up to the jumpin' off spot. It's a good thing that A called out to me and I looked down or I would have fallen right off... Yes, I did leaky on thyself. It was terrible. Next time, I am pushing A in front of chainsaw guy and making a run for it.

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Aislinn said...

See - that's why I take Tim along! He is my bait - I just push him aside and I take off - it's better that way!
next time - KOTEX - I'm tellin' ya - they work!