Sunday, August 8, 2010

There's nothing quite like it...

WATER FIGHT!!! That's right - Bring it!
Well, We decided that we wanted to do a little something different - so, today - we pulled out the water works and let the kids have a water fight.  It started with just the three, but worked its way to 8 by the time that neighborhood kids got involved.
We did give the kids a few rules - for example- if you were refueling on the porch and someone shot you, that someone got the firing squad.  If you shot someone from the safety of the porch, then you got the firing squad.   Darrell got the firing squad a few times - actually... they all did... :)

My favorite pictures were the ones of Kennedy and Aspen - they were standing in the back waiting for some of the other kids to refuel and they started shooting each other.  My favorite is the one where Kennedy turned to shoot someone else, and Aspen shot her in the back. HAHAHAHAA!
It's beautiful! Isn't it! :) 
Anyway, the water fight is over - the kids have changed and are now dry once again and resting in front of the TV while I blog about the events of the day.  

I didn't say a word about yesterday - that was another "first" - well, it has just been a really long time.  We took the kids bowling - last week was bowling week, and the alleys were trying to set some sort of world record - so We printed out coupons to get free games, and off we went.
By the time we were done bowling 2 full games, we realized that the kids needed bumpers - and I rock at the bowling.  So does Rick - he has his own ball for it though.  It was a lot of fun - especially liked how the girls started to attempt a small hexing to make me bowl worse - unfortunately, that hocus pocus doesn't work on me! BWAHAHAA!!

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