Monday, April 30, 2012

Oooh yes, I am a busy woman...

Where to begin... where to begin....

Well, I don't know - so I will just pick a picture and go with it.  .   .

First up we have - Strawberry Jam.  I know that I have described them before, but Bountiful Baskets is just AMAZING.  I got 9lbs of strawberries this past Saturday.  What to do with 9lbs of strawberries?  Well, lots of suggestions were made for this epic event.  I could make pie (which I probably will), Smoothies, Strawberry Shortcake, Strawberry Ice Cream... Jam.... And JAM actually seemed like the one thing that I would like to do last night - so I did.
Now, there are so few jars there because I only did 1 batch... I had a terrible experience with Apricot jam where it didn't set up, and though it is good on some dry biscuits, it's not so good for PB&J - so, I was a little hesitant here. But, by the time the jars cooled last night I could clearly tell that the Jam had set up - so I will be making more tonight.

Also, last week I got together with a good friend - and she showed me how to do these 10 minute quilting blocks.  I will admit, that for me it was something like 20 minute quilting blocks - because me and my seam ripper got really close the first few times that I tried to piece them together.  But, eventually I got into the flow... This is part of the top - made with D-man's shirts and the family jeans (Tee hee) that were discarded and probably should have gone to the DI, but someone told me that a jean quilt would be pretty neat to do... and so far - so good.
I don't know how to do the backing yet - but I am sure that I will either have someone step in and show me OR I will read about it, or I will learn something about it in a Jo-Ann's class.  This one is going to be tied for sure - but mostly because it's denim, and I understand that Denim is pretty tough to quilt.

Anyway, that's the crafty stuff that I have been working in over the weekend. .  .  . If you need Jam... let me know - I'll have a bunch when I am done.

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