Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Alas! We are Moving!

So - isn't this an interesting turn of events.  Today was AWESOME!  Why  ?? Because Rick and I finally bought our first home together!
OK - I know - I truly wanted to give the secret away on the last post that I made, but I also didn't want to get my hopes up and then have them dashed at the last minute.  So, naturally, I waited.  First - I had decided that I would wait until the inspection was completed.  Then, I figured that I better wait until the appraisal was completed.  However, I finally settled on not getting excited until I had signed the paperwork for the property.  Today - we did that - so now I get to let everyone know! 

A few things about the home - mainly the reason that we decided on this particular property  - It was the first one that we walked thorough that I didn't want to knock out a wall to make it different or better in any way (we were pretty certain that was a sign).  But this particular home is also large enough for all of the kids, and It had enough bathrooms that I wouldn't have to share.  (I did not want to have to deal with sharing with teenagers around the home).  So, we don't have to now.  And it is in a fabulous neighborhood.

We were financed by Ran Life - Tim Barnes - and he was FABULOUS!  I highly recommend that everyone use him.  (no, really - it was awesome).  

And then the sad part - so, we closed today - but then I leave tomorrow for a week.  BUT - that is the only sad part - because while I am away, the misses is going to move stuff and paint (which is fabulous because I won't even have to do that part) and by the time I come back it will be mostly done. SEE - how exciting. :)

Anyway - I am sure that there will be updates as we continue on - but I wanted to share the glad news. :)
You are all AWESOME - thank you for helping me achieve one of my new year's resolutions. 

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