Friday, February 20, 2015

Oh Yeah - Goin' to Boise in a month!

 I love Music - ALL KINDS of music!!  I love the kind of music that I can jam out to in the car, or sing really loudly to when I am cleaning my house.  I love the kind that picks me up and makes me feel good.  I listen to it all!

So, it's not unusual that I also love "Christian Rock" - I mean - MercyMe is AMAZING.  I know that you have all heard "I can only Imagine" and "Homesick".   These songs touch me.  MercyMe does not tour that often - mostly because these guys are family guys and the touring thing is not really part of what they do. (They don't like being away from family).  So, many years ago when I really started to  love their music, I just resigned myself to never being able to see them in concert.  I get it - that's not their gig.  But they are coming with the roadshow this year! (EEEP!)  And so close to Utah?  OK. I know Boise is not THAT close - but it is pretty close.  So, we got tickets to drive up and see the show. :)  YAY!  If you still need a little recollection of who they are, here's their video:

Then - they decide to bring along a few others that I have been getting to know.  Jamie grace is fun - really fun - to sing to.  And Matt Maher has some stinkin' good tunes as well.

I really have to thank the Misses, because he's the one that really got me listening to the next group - Crowder. :)  I know that the guy looks like he is from Duck Dynasty - but I promise, he's got a great sound.  And his music is just so moving.

So, I hope that you enjoy the song as much as I have - and if you get a chance to go and see this awesome group, don't knock it because it's not mainstream pop music.  They are truly awesome!

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