Monday, February 9, 2015

Why I haven't updated my pictures - WHY?!?

OK - Ok.  For all of you whiners out there ( YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE ;) and so do i)  Just a quick note as to why I have not updated my pictures on the blob.  The reason is actually really simple and kind of silly . I have a lovely Kadoodle.  Miss Kadoodle has braces on her teeth right now, and she made me promise that I would not update our family pictures until the braces came off of her faces. (LOL - see what I did just there?).

Now, I am a lady of my word - I say no family pictures until she gets those things out of her mouth and she is feeling confident about her smile once again.  I will probably have to do this again when D-Man gets his braces, but I don't really think so.  I don't think that boys are nearly as vain as girls are.  Anyway, true to form, we have not had any family pictures taken since she got her braces on.

No kidding!  Seriously, my sister is a photographer and every time she comes over to my house she tells me that I need to update my family photographs.  Um. No.  I made a promise and I refuse to update anything until the young lady doesn't have metal mouth anymore.  :)

But guess what - we have taken selfies! BWAHAHAH! :)
(See how she cut it off just there)  I have another one or two (though) where I get a full shot... like this one!
See!  Now that is a lovely girl right thar' - with her long har'!  And even though she has braces and she is OK with taking regular pictures, she is still not quite OK with family photos.  So, there you all have it - don't you worry - as soon as it happens I am scheduling an appointment and getting the portraits updated and the blob updated and everything - because the other kids have grown... and grown and grown and grown... so it would really be a great thing to get more recent pictures of everyone, right?  HERE'S TO STRAIGHT TEETH! 

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