Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Dear Honda

Though this is NOT my car - it looks something like this - minus the hub caps, and the pricing, and the fact that it's not dented and it looks as though it has been recently washed... SEMANTICS I SAY!!! ... The point is, that's kind of what my car looks like.

Now, this car is (To me) so much better than that VW that we have.  Rarely have I had problems with that car in comparison to the other car.  But, when it has a problem - it's a BIG problem.  There have been warning signs that something was wrong - there have been issues here and there... and my Mechanic is a doll, but I have to wonder about his expertise.  (And I seem to have the cars with the "Unknown" issues - Always).

So, about a month ago, this car was going along - driving happily - and as I increased my speed (Because I love to speed) The car powered off.  It was like it got NO fuel, and the whole thing shut down... NOW - I need to backtrack a little because this car has another problem too.  If I were to go to a gas station, to get a drink or whatever, and stop the car, do my thing, and come back to the car... it is almost guaranteed that the car won't start back up for about 10 minutes.  Just cranks over and over, with no catch...

Anyway, driving on the Interstate on May 1st, the car just Died... I coasted to a stop - waited for the 10 minutes and it started up again.  In the meantime I was on the phone with the mechanic, and we covered the issues.  I got to Ricks office, and he decided to follow me home - as we got onto the interstate again, during acceleration the car died again... wait another 10 minutes and it starts up again... I couldn't really go over 50 without the thing dying... so I progressed over to the Mechanic and he got the car in his possession and proceeded to work on it.

Diagnosis - Fuel Pump.  (Now, he's changed the Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, blown fuel lines and all of that)

I got the car back - 2 days later I am at Inkley's with Ash - (Thank goodness). After my class with her, I attempt to start the car, and it won't catch at all.  Well, that makes no sense to me, because I've been in the class for an hour.  Why won't it start now? After trying starter fluid and all sorts of stuff - (And calling my mechanic) I finally have it towed to the Mechanic...

Diagnosis - Distributor  (And this has been repaired)

The car starts.  The car runs.  I got the car back - and now I am driving along and the car again powers off.  I was TOLD that if the car wasn't getting fuel it would shut down like this... but it's not like the car is not getting gas, it's like it lost power.  I wait for 10 minutes, and back on it goes -

It's going back to Said Mechanic - but does ANYONE know what it would be?  I mean, We've done Fuel and Ignition - Ideas?

And don't tell me to get rid of the car - seriously... I am not even CLOSE to being in a position to do that....
So - come back down to earth and tell me - if you had a car that just DIED - where would you start?

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Ryan said...

with regards to your car problem, I'm confused as to what car it is, Honda or VW. The Honda has a relay for the fuel system that may be malfunctioning, but they don't make your car cut out when your driving, just not restart for a while (on the Honda). Have you checked the ignition coil? if it overheats it will stop working till it cools. They don't go bad very ofter and sometimes they are over looked. Then there is the possibility of a bad connection somewhere in a wiring plug... the intermittent problem is the worst. Call me if you have questions, Ryan / JR Mobile 801-420-0780