Sunday, September 23, 2012

Crafy Mc-Crafterson strikes again!

I've been pretty crafty this weekend - I would like to blame it on Pinterest, but that would not be accurate - Really, it's more that on Saturday, my Ward had a "SuperSaturday" full of crafty fun.  This is what I have been up to!

First off  - J O Y - that's right - JOY.

I haven't really finished "JOY" just yet.  I got this great idea after I was close to done about using green glitter.  I am, admittedly, a master of Freehand swirlies - so I figured "Well, I could swirlie some glue on there and then sprinkle it with glitter and THEN it would be perfect - so that is what I am going to do as soon as I got and get me some green glitter.

Next, Today I've started the dehydration process for my excess produce AND my Christmas spice jars - This year I am going to fill everyone's home with the smell of Christmas... and that means tried lemons and oranges and apples.... Took me 9 months to bust out this sucker - I hope those jars are awesome.
I also made another batch of Strawberry Jam - Why?  Because I had 8lbs of Strawberries that were not getting eaten any time soon - so I figured - why not.  Now, there is a neat trick that my mom told me about.  She said that if you turn the jars over when you have filled them and then wait until they cool off, that they will seal every single time.  Every Time? Really?  Well - I've never had it fail on me... here's what they look like - And they were successful- just as all of my other jars that have gone before it.  

We also made these really neat Jars.  They can be used with just about anything - you can put stuff in them to embellish your decor, or candy for the children that come over to visit you.  It was so simple - a wooden candlestick - painted whatever color you choose.  I preferred black since most of my decor is a chocolate brown and I didn't want to try to match a brown color.  Then after it is painted you Gorilla Glue a jar with a lid on the top of it.  These particular jars had to have the lids painted - some of the ladies painted the silver on the lids as well - I preferred to have the silver showing, so I left that part of the lid alone.  And once the glue is try, you have a lovely embellishment that you COULD Have purchased from Pier 1 - but , you didn't!  You made it yourself! YAY!! 

In January, I also said that I was going to do Washer Necklaces.  I had run into a snag, if you will.  In my brain I could NOT get past the fact that I needed "Diamond Glaze" for these suckers.  So, I had cut up all of the paper, I had the washers, I had a ton that were already glued and ready to go - But, they sat there incomplete.  UNTIL this weekend when one of the classes was "Washer Necklaces".  They used this Dimensional Mod Podge - and it works like a Charm.  I even put on the embellishment gems that I got in January!  It was so easy, and they look fantastic - make sure that you let them dry the entire way though - otherwise, they don't look so great.
The final Idea was something that they were doing for Super Saturday - But I had seen the Idea on Pinterest.  I had said that I would do one of these, but the time never seemed to permit so, the Super Saturday was a great way to get my bootay in gear and get me on the project.  Basically, they took a magnet board and covered it with lovely scrapbook paper and embellished it - I decided that I didn't have enough time and I would bring it home and make my personal adjustments here at the house.  After all, I do have an arsenal of things to work with here - 
 And this is the ALMOST finished product.  There are a few things that I have decided that I wanted to do - I need to put a hanger ribbon at the top, some Ribbon around the part underneath where it says "Menu", I think that I am going to add a few more flowers, and I am working on laminating my dinner ideas.  That is actually taking me the longest, because I am terrible at thinking up dinner ideas (Which is why this Menu Board was on my "to do" list).  But you get the idea, right?  Now I need to hit Pinterest back up and find out what everyone is cookin' for dinner these days! 

Happy Crafting everyone!

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