Monday, October 20, 2008

BAH - I'd just like to say -

That it's slightly irritating that I am at work. There are things that I want to blog - I have pictures for those things... and those pictures are at my house,..., RIGHT NOW. Good pictures too. I mean, there was pumpkin carving, and soccer, and stuff - and GOOD pictures... and they are at home, on my camera - just WAITING to be blobbed. But, do I have them here to blob? No! Could I blob about them anyway? Well, sure I could. I really could blob about them anyway - I could even post the pictures later. BUT, that would just stink because they would be at home until I finally got to the point where I could put them up online, and who KNOWS when that will be. BAH - I mean really... BAH. So, here's my rant for the day. If I were home, I would put up pictures with the rant - but I am not, so you will just have to deal with the text of the day. LOVE YA!

1 comment:

The Woolston Family said...

MISS YOU! When are we gonna swap pictures working girl?