Thursday, October 2, 2008

October has finally arrived!

Ok - so I know that it's only been a day since my last post - but, I figured that I would do my best to write something. I yanked some of the cruise photos off of my MySpace page since I haven't posted anything here yet - and hopefully you will be able to keep up with all the nonsense that I will write here.
Welcome to Cozumel - the City of Tulum! Probably one of the most fantastic sites that I have ever visited in my whole life. We didn't visit Tulum until the end of our cruise trip - but it was well worth the wait. I can definately say that I would love to go back here in the near future - preferably before 2012 - after all, the world is supposed to "End" then... RIGHT!?!
Here we are, yet again, in front of one of the temples in Tulum. Some random couple took this shot - but it turned out great!
Now - I took this shot - with the cave and the "house" and whatnot - The whole site was impressive and I could not choose a favorite shot sooner than I could choose a favorite star in the heavens. I liked the ocean, the sands, the shores, and the feeling that this entire site exuded. I can only say that Each person should, at least once in their life, go to a place such as this. Then - just stop - and examine the feelings that come along with it. I can almost guarantee that you will not be disappointed at the connection you feel.In Roatan (Above and Below). We took these pictures on my Birthday! That's right - Happy 31st! (This may be the only time that I publically admit that I am that old, so you may want to take a screen shot--- NOW) By the way, Roatan was THE BEST Birthday that I have had in 6 years. Just so you all know - I wouldn't mind getting another birthday present in the future that was similar to this one.

The picture here was taken at the top of one of the structures in Altun Ha - (Belize). It was Vastly different than anything in Tulum, but still an incredible and beautiful place to be. Altun Ha was interesting because many of the structures have not been excavated yet. So, there are mounds and mounds all over the place - I would LOVE to see what's underneath all of that dirt - but, apparently it's not time to unearth that area. Also, the Belizian government just doesn't have the money to do the excavation - so, it will sit like that for a while longer, I am certain.
Did we have a good time? We sure did! And I want to go back - SOON! Now -I have to get my self back to work. Hope that all is going well for everyone today - TTYS


Carter Clan said...

LOVE your pics.. especially the one with you in that skimpy red and white top.. is that a swimsuit.. VERY SEXY.. girls night was a blast we need to do it more.

Erik said...

Okay, that was a nice little taste of your trip. We want more. Well, I want more at least. You are the one with the schedule now...when ya comin' over for a picture party?

The Woolston Family said...

Oops, Erik was logged in and I didn't know. The above comment was made by Christy - not Erik.

Carter Clan said...

I am totally loving your music taste. Nothing cooler than Bowling for Soup's 1985. It's interesting to see those sites in Mehiko isn't it. I loved being down there and seeing things we learn about in the scriptures. I've decided that Tulum is the city of Moroni. Read the description of it in the BoM and you'll see why. Rock and roll:


Aislinn said...

Um - yeah, my little thingy that tells me when you post obviously isn't working because I just checked your blog to see if you had anything and guess what - you have like 4 posts that I wasn't aware of! UUGGHHH - so, just letting you know I stopped in! Love the pics!