Friday, January 20, 2012

Gettin' the Grades

So, yesterday was "Parent Teacher Schmooze Day" - where I, the responsible adult, gets to go and meet with the other "responsible adults" that are in charge of my child's education.  As usual, the D-man gave a stunning performance coming in with all A's.  He never ceases to amaze me.  They give him work - he does the work.  They give him more - he does it too.  Each time he does the work it's as if the answers had already been imprinted on his brain - he just does well.  Naturally.  (I am pretty sure that he gets that from me - thank goodness).
So Purty She Is 1/18/12
Kadoodily Doo got all A's too - except 1 B.  1.  From her ridiculous P.E. teacher.  Because apparently, even though other teachers allow you to make up work, he doesn't.  It's P.E. for crying out loud! A VERY Serious class!  You MUST Take it seriously or instead of getting an A, you will get a score lower than an A - and that will go on your permanent record my friend!! PERMANENT - RECORD!  I will say this though, I am pretending that she got an A in that class anyway.  I think that her teacher is a total Tard when it comes to his grading.  It's P - E... . . . Idiot.

On a Funny Note - I was talking to her Favorite Teacher - Mr. NedzsomethingthatIcantfigureouthowtospell
Here was the Conversation:

Mr N. - "Did she tell you the story about the Blue Eyes?"
Me - "Um, no.  I haven't Heard this one."
K - (Groan) "Not that story!"
Me - "Oh, I've got to hear it now."
Mr N. - "Well, I was at the chalkboard talking about dominant and recessive genes.  And as I am drawing out the chart to show the dominant and recessive genes I say "So, I have blue eyes.  And if I find a lovely wife who has blue eyes... - upon which K raises her hand and says ""I have blue eyes!"".  All I can do is stare at the chalkboard and repeat to myself "don't turn around, don't turn around".  When I finally do turn around, her friend has leaned over to her and told her what just happened, and K is 4 shades of Red."
K - "I wasn't paying attention!"
Me - (Laughing)

All I can say to that story is "WOW".  So, now I get to share it all with you lovely folks!

The kiddos make the mama proud.  I don't know how the other two did in school.  I am certain that Squiggly did just fine.  She usually does.  As for the Eldest, well, only God and her own Mama know the answer to that as we never hear from her.  She's, after all, 17.  That should be all that needs to be said.

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