Thursday, January 19, 2012

Saying Goodbye - Hello Hello...

So, many - oooh so many, Moons ago - I purchased a Sony Vaio for our house.  See, I like how the Vaio looks when it's written out.  LOOK AT IT!  Now, it hasn't been the BEST computer - it hasn't been the worst either.  It HAS worked for us though, and it continues to work for us.  BUT, the Misses just couldn't take "it" anymore, so last night he went and got a new computer.

It looks something like - THAT.   At this time I would like to say that I don't mind admitting that I am slightly irritated by this purchase.  BUT - at the same time, we are glad to have the new computer at the homestead... It does run faster... and it does seem to perform well, right now.  But give it a few years !!

Sigh - this is just one more thing that keeps me from getting what I really want... Which is...
I have saved moolah so many times to get it - only to have to bend and get something for someone else.  Or fix something.  Or buy clothes.  When do we ever get to get what I want to get?  I know that this is a slight rant, but really - I just am tired of letting everyone else get their TV's, and Their Movies, and their games, and toys - I want a toy for me! I want THAT toy.  And it seems like every time I get close, something goes wrong.  Or, I have to get CREATIVE to get it - like "Well, sell your other camera.  Or sell some of these things on Ebay"... why Do I have to do all the work - Have I not Earned it?

So, if anyone wants to donate to my "Feel sorry for me and help me get my camera" fund - please feel free to do so.  I won't stop you.  I might even ask you to hold on to all of the money that was already saved so no one else can take it and have it used for their own wants.

I also need to have someone come up with some sort of Indian chant for me - something like a Rain dance? So when I chant it money will fall from the sky for my camera... Anyone out there got one of those?


Update - I do have an nice DSLR (D60) but it's not as fast as I need it to be for the sports that I like to shoot... just wanted to let you all know.

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The Woolston Family said...

I thought you had a nice SLR?