Thursday, December 17, 2009

I miss the days of "Warm" already... and though it's not quite Christmas (7 more days for those of you that have lost count) I am ready for Spring to come back already.  Last night Rick and I stayed up and wrapped presents - it's an advantage when we don't have kids with us nightly.  Just about everything is done - just about.  There are a few loose knots that need to be tied up, but otherwise, we are ready to go. So, as I am sitting downstairs amidst all of the mismatched pieces of cut up paper, I realized, it's COLD.  I can't wait for spring to return!!  So, from me to all of you snow bunnies out there - I am officially on STRIKE!  I gladly take up my picket sign and chant "No more snow!  No more snow!"



Cindy said...

I was thinking the same thing, how in July I so look forward to the colder weather but it quickly loses its luster when it is 20* outside and its your turn to take the dog out.

Aislinn said...

I like the snow - it's peaceful and reminds me of what attitude we should have all year round - one of peace and simplicity!