Thursday, December 3, 2009

ALAS! The Festival Of Trees!!

So, Last night Rick and I went on a... d-a-t-e... tee hee. We don't do that very often, and I have never been to the Festival of Trees, so - off we went. For those of you that are thinking of going, it's busy - and there are LOTS of people - and no one has break lights on their butts, so be careful because people stop abruptly to view... BUT, it was only 4$ per adult, and that is quite reasonable for dating standards. *and remember, all proceeds go to our wonderful Primary Children's Hospital... what a treat!*
Actually, I took this picture on the way out, but I just love how it turned out - so there ya go. Trees upon trees upon trees... and more trees. Pretty excellent if you ask me.
This was the picture I took about halfway through the tree looking process. LOOK at all the people. And for those of you that have been scrapbooking with us before - this wasn't just that one section of the Expo center - it was the WHOLE expo center. All three areas were opened up for this tree experience. So, this is halfway through the entire center... craaaayyyyyzzzeeeeee!!
This was the camping tree... We really thought that the Marshmallow top was cool - so, naturally, I got a picture of it.
1000 Origami birds make up this tree.
This was the Michael Jackson tree - notice the glittery gloves and the white socks.
This Santa is HUGE - I would say bigger than 8 feet tall, but I am not positive. I know that I am shorter than the black background sheets, and it's taller - so... it's pretty tall...
This one was really cool - the toymaker - someone carved it. Really well done.
And, naturally, my favorite of the bunch was the nightmare before Christmas tree. Whoever did it used one of those nifty upside down trees as you can see. And the white balls on the tree all had a different Jack Skellington facial expression painted on them. I thought it was very well done.

I have a ton of other pictures of trees that I felt were impressive, but this is a blob so I didn't add them here. I do think that everyone should go - try not to worry so much about the crowds, and just look at some of the creations that people come up with. VERY impressive! What a great way to start out the month of December.


The Woolston Family said...

I saw them setting up the nightmare before Christmas tree. Very Creative! Did you see our tree? I spy?

Aonika and Richard said...

I lOved your tree! I have pictures of it - but I saw that you had a lot on your own post. So, I put others that I was fond of here. :)

Nicki Swilor said...

Dude! I was there. Too bad we didn't see each other among the swarms of humans. I had never been before either. I also loved the marshmallow topper. It's almost like we were twins for the night. Woohoo!