Friday, December 11, 2009

Tonight...Is... THE NIGHT


I know that you are all VERY Excited - just as I am.  After all - this is the Annual Christmas Concert that you have to be in a raffle to get tickets to. Tonight, I get to go with the sweetheart and the sister and her husband.  Tomorrow night my mom and D are going with the gals.  I can't wait to see how this one turns out.  I really like Natalie Cole.  Ooooh the anticipation!!!


The Woolston Family said...

Thanks be to your sweet Sis, My hubby and I get to go tomorrow night. I'm singing, "Hallelujah...Hallelujah". She's the best. Love you too!
Oh, and I'm liking this frequency in blogging I'm seeing from you. So fun! See you in the morning. Bring your vocals :).

Heidi Sue said...

Yeah I get to got as well. I hope to see you.

Aislinn said...

OOO - wasn't it simply wonderful? I loved it and I'm happy that we ALL got to go!! this is certainly one of the MOST WONDERFUL TIMES OF THE YEAR....